A Numbers Game …

Flying the flag for the Rugby World Cup
Flying the flag for Manu Samoa in the Rugby World Cup

Well, after six months in Samoa, I don’t feel the need to tell you how many weeks it has been anymore! Besides, there are more important numbers going on in people’s minds at the moment. I’m referring to Rugby World Cup scores – and I have to not only know how the All Blacks are faring, but also how my “adopted” Manu Samoa team is doing as well!

I commented to a friend that she wasn’t at the local Hamilton game a few nights back. Her reply – “I don’t do rugby!” Try saying that to a Samoan at the moment – then again, I think it is better left unsaid!

It’s funny.  When we launched the limo a couple of months back, I was stopped late at night by the Police and politely told we could not fly our Samoan flags as this is an honour reserved for just the Head of State (somewhat akin to NZ’s Governor General). When I told him I had seen plenty of taxis flying the flags, so I had been unaware of the rule, I was told they were trying to catch all those ones too, and stop them. Well – I would like to see them try right now – the whole of Samoa has the flag flying while “The Manu” are at the RWC.

I kick myself that I missed the opportunity to wish the best for the Samoan team when I spoke with the PM out in the VIP lounge at the airport on Thursday! He was off to New York, via a short stopover in New Zealand to support his team playing Wales this afternoon!

So last night, the Irish upset the South Africans. “Shame”, the Sprinboks’ supporters will be saying. Everyone else will be trying to draw on some long lost Irish heritage to give them a reason to suddenly back the boys from the Northern Hemisphere! My pastor did – he traced back his ancestry to the original relations, Adam and Eve!! My son did, momentarily, but was quick to point out the Warriors made it to the Semi’s, so I guess that made it all OK!

I can hear the generator starting up – that means Dennis might just be getting a tv going for us to watch the Samoa-Wales game this afternoon. I hope so – it is not nearly as much fun watching the commentary typed up on the screen via the internet, but with the high price of the internet here, we don’t watch videos! It would probably cost as much as a good seat at Eden Park for the Finals!!!

I will be coming home for a well-deserved break early October, for a few weeks. Looking forward to that – and my son’s 21st birthday. That happens to be on the RWC Finals day – now I find out! Where were the tickets selling when I needed some? Anyway, we will schedule another birthday date, and I’ll take my gorgeous grandson, Tyrell, north with me for the long weekend, to visit his great grandparents! I can’t wait. He will love sitting up high on the Northliner bus and seeing what is going on all around him! I hope there are plenty of lambs springing about. Just the right time of the year!

Until next time, Fa’a Soifua. (And Go the Manu!!!)


Update:  Just finished watching a GOOD game between Samoa and Wales. Samoa held a narrow lead at half-time with a hard-earned try in the final minutes to leave the field at 10-6. Wales fought back hard and took out the game 17-10 with a converted try near the end. Manu Samoa did their country proud with their effort. Well done, team.