Enter the Throneroom

Samoa Toilet
Out with the old … in with the new!

At last – this week we ‘flushed’ the loo for the first time in the three months we have been here!!! For those who think it must … well … smell – our toilet is finally installed with running water and flushing out to the septic tank at the push of the button! Some think – so what! For us, it is “Progress” that has been well-earned. You can take too much for granted, you know!

We have been tied to the computers over the last week, getting eveything ready for the launch of the new initiative to boost Samoa’s tourism numbers, that we plan to launch in New Zealand for 2012. You might find a link to it on my Facebook Profile, for some inside news, if not, check out www.dennis.co.nz for a blog post about it. We have already had some good feedback from corporate sponsors we have been to see. Looking forward to finally getting going on a project since closing the Airport Lounge last November.

I have overcome the dreaded blight on my tomatoes with some heavy-handed pruning. Funny to see 6ft high tomato plants with no leaves until half way up the stem, and at least five bunches of tomatoes on each plant. I have started to make and freeze salsa to use the fruit as it ripens. Once this harvest finishes by the end of this month, the salsa should keep us going until the next patch of plants ripen in about eight weeks time. Loved eating our first carrots tonight – very tasty.

Well, the Tueila Festival came and went last week, and apart from a bit of a flurry on Facebook over the livestreaming of some events, it was all pretty quiet. A bit of rain dampened the spirits a couple of days, but overall, they say it was better than last year. It is a festival that promotes Samoan culture, markets and sport, with fautasi (longboat) races, umu preparation, carving, dancing, (including fire dancing ‘siva afi‘) and craft making. I just wonder how many extra people came to visit Samoa for the festival, which had many tens of thousands of dollars spent on running and promoting it.

When I came to Samoa I was uncertain as to whether I really wanted to be here. But if I wanted to restore our marriage, I had no choice but to come. Now I totally understand my role here, as a support for the vision Dennis has been given. We have worked hard together on developing this vision into reality, especially over the last three months up here in the bush!

Tonight I was walking back from the garden and you would have thought the driveway was lit by a street light. It was so bright. But, it was the moonlight – a beautiful clear night. Now that I have adjusted to living in rural Samoa, I enjoy my walk to the ‘Throneroom’ (we still call it Clochemerle). My massive garden takes me an hour each morning and evening to water (if there is enough coming in the pipes), which involves pumping the water up to the header tank first to get any sort of pressure from the garden hose, beyond a dribble! It is winter here, which is a little cooler in the evenings, but still hot during the sunshine hours. So, if I end up having to bucket water to the garden in the sunshine, it can zap me of all my energy!

I am ready to book a trip home – probably near RWC finals weekend, which is also Sam’s 21st birthday. The IRD kindly credited my account with enough for an airfare from overpaid Income Tax last year! So welcome … I can tell you! Until next time, take care … enjoy the rugby all my NZ friends and visitors.

Faa Soifua.