Prayers for Samoa

Cyclone Evan
Nobody wants to lose a loved one, let alone right on Christmas. It has the potential to take away the joy of Christmas for years to come. So take a moment to think about those four recent victims and their families from Samoa, after Cyclone Evan ravaged their little island nation this week. It’s always times like these when people start to question God.

I read one Samoan’s comment after reading this article, and she said, “Why does this happen to us – we are a nation founded on God?” (paraphrase). Well, the simple answer is … the happening of weather cannot be blamed on God. In fact, nothing can be blamed on God – we have our own free will, and there are times when God steps in with his miraculous hand, and times when He doesn’t.

I remember hearing Samoans say after the tsunami in 2009 that is was worse on the South East coast because they were working on a Sunday! The fact is, that it was worse on this coast because it was facing the direction of the tsunami. Even Fusi in Safata, on the same coast, which probably had people working on a Sunday, too, was not as damaged, because of the peninsula that protected it.

When we puzzle about life’s tragedies, don’t make it the only time you think about God. If you have no other thoughts about Him throughout the year, how can you possibly expect an answer when you really need it. The fact is, that He will always be there to answer you, should you make an effort to ask Him and believe what He says. But like anyone, you can’t expect an answer, let alone believe what you are told, unless you take time to get to know the person first.

Make this Christmas a time when you find out about who Jesus really is. Find time for Him, and you will no doubt be surprised at the outcome.

God Bless You all this Christmas, first and foremost, the celebration of the Saviour’s birthday.

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