Keeping Positive

Trials come upon us all in life. That is expected. It’s not the trial that is the problem in many cases. It is how you react to it. Like now, for instance. Trying to write a  blog post on my Android phone. Small keyboard, awkward access to punctuation, no spell check for the many times I hit the wrong key and such a small display to edit in. But, I want to write and for whatever reason my laptop has thrown a wobbly!

So, do you give in to technology and let it win? Or are you a battler – born to rule! I have decided the only way in life is to take life’s challenges by the horns and twist those little beggars around to suit my needs!

Now, I am not promoting selfishness. Nor am I advocating getting everything you want. A few challenges in life can certainly speed up the way in which we become adept at solving problems. If you live life accepting problems as simply challenges turned upside down, then your stress levels will certainly be reduced and you will become a more positive person. You know ‘the glass half-full” type! (Note to self: I always find that a conundrum – I just want to know where the other half of the glass is!!!!)

Have a good day!