The Drought Has Broken

I have been in New Zealand for the last three weeks, but my husband tells me that the drought we were experiencing when I flew out has finally broken. The rainy season appears to have come earlier than anticipated by some of the locals.

I had checked our water pipeline on the property twice since the pipes started to run dry. Usually, we would get sparing amounts, but would at least get a flow at some stage each day or two. But it turns out that our “No Water” for ten days was in fact due to our neighbours uncoupling the pipes they had let us tap into .  Seems the attitude is “it’s every man for himself” when the water starts to dry up!!!

I wonder what has happened to the local water authority’s advice that we would have a new sub-main in our road in the new financial year. That was 1 July 2011, and still we are yet to see it! But then, with a drought on, I guess there was no point in putting in a larger pipe, was there?

A Numbers Game …

Flying the flag for the Rugby World Cup
Flying the flag for Manu Samoa in the Rugby World Cup

Well, after six months in Samoa, I don’t feel the need to tell you how many weeks it has been anymore! Besides, there are more important numbers going on in people’s minds at the moment. I’m referring to Rugby World Cup scores – and I have to not only know how the All Blacks are faring, but also how my “adopted” Manu Samoa team is doing as well!

I commented to a friend that she wasn’t at the local Hamilton game a few nights back. Her reply – “I don’t do rugby!” Try saying that to a Samoan at the moment – then again, I think it is better left unsaid! Continue reading “A Numbers Game …”

Enter the Throneroom

Samoa Toilet
Out with the old … in with the new!

At last – this week we ‘flushed’ the loo for the first time in the three months we have been here!!! For those who think it must … well … smell – our toilet is finally installed with running water and flushing out to the septic tank at the push of the button! Some think – so what! For us, it is “Progress” that has been well-earned. You can take too much for granted, you know!

We have been tied to the computers over the last week, getting eveything ready for the launch of the new initiative to boost Samoa’s tourism numbers, that we plan to launch in New Zealand for 2012. Continue reading “Enter the Throneroom”